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Our Calming Donut Pet Bed reanimate the nervous system, thereby, allowing your Furry Pet to calm down faster, relax more easily, and sleep more soundly.

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Simply Dog Heaven

My 8 years old Simply Dog Simply Dog Heaven is in dog heaven when sleeping in this dog bed. I was a bit skeptical about the hype on this dog bed, as our dog was quite happy in her existing bed which she's had since she was a puppy. Getting scruffy now so decided to buy her a new bed. So glad I choose this, Molly absolutely loves it. I have to say Molly is a dog neither nervous or frighten of anything. I can understand why dog owners of nervous dogs would want to buy it.

Jamie Darn 🇺🇸

Easy To Clean

We had this bed since our puppy's first day at home with us and she loves it. It's easy to wash and dries quickly - which is very necessary with a new puppy. She's growing fast and when she's bigger we'll certainly buy a larger one.

Paul Ashton 🇨🇦

This is a must for your Dog.

This Calming Donut Bed is my life saver! I purchased this due to hearing it helps with comforting dogs. I was having issues with my dog who is 3 years old still having accidents at night time. After hearing about this bed and getting the advice that he might be stressed with being alone in the night I purchased it with my fingers crossed and it worked!!! My dog sleeps happy, no mess to wake up to and he is much happier as are we!

Tracey Serny 🇬🇧

Super soft dog bed - 5 stars!!!

Bought this for my 2 year old cavachon - he’s never taken to a dog bed but got very excited about this bed !! I’m so thrilled !! It’s super soft and cuddly I bought an XL size for my cavachon he’s weights 8 kg - I'm giving a 5 star Ratings!!

Angie Fusee 🇦🇺

Great Birthday Gift

Bought for a chihuahuas birthday, excellent thing takes a few days to puff out and become is true size but is fantastic. My dog enjoys digging her head into the edge (each to there own!) Cleaning wise I haven't cleaned it yet but due to a recent raw hide chew being chewed in it is become sticky, I'd say a good hand wash in some hot water will have it good as new.

Elaine Kirk 🇧🇪

High quality, worth higher price. Avoid cheaper fakes

Really worth it. I'm glad I looked at the reviews that warned of knockoffs and to buy the actual Sheri product. It is different. I compared it to one my friend bought that looks the same but has a flat bottom with no padding so it's hard on the floor. This one is really well padded, very soft to the touch, rim is supportive of my French Bulldog's head. He loves it and will no longer sit on the sofa when he has this bed available. He does, however, have to share it with the cat!
Have not yet washed it, I'll add my results when I do.

Tanya C. 🇰🇷

Great Bed! Would Buy Again

This is my second bed. Good quality super soft, my puppy loves them. Got this one today and as soon as I unpacked he hoped in and went to sleep. For size example: He is a 10 lb Cavalier, small puppy still, but long when he stretches out.

Dawn S.🇬🇧

This is a good quality dog bed and very well padded.

I bought this for our new adopted pet. She loves it and will often rest her chin on the edge which provides some support for her. I am thinking of buying another one to put in our bedroom so I don''t have to move this one around.

Kim W. 🇨🇦

Même un siamois en fera son refuge.

Mon chat, un siamois, passe ses soirées couché sur mes genoux. Depuis l'acquisition, il se couche volontiers dans son nouveau lit si confortable. Un très bon achat. Méfiez-vous des imitations.

Dan Hauer🇺🇸

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Raised rims that support your dog's neck and spine for the duration of their sleep bundled with premium soft cotton to reduce muscle and joint pain.


Our cozy calming dog bed can help relax and ground your little fellas. It is designed and created with inspiration from an age-old general concept that shows how a pet's sleeping pattern makes the difference in his happiness level. With a good night’s sleep comes more energy and better memory. Your dogs will respond to commands clearly, communicate better, and stay more agile with our anti-anxiety dog bed.


Our luxurious dog bed is warm, comfortable and soft, and is decorated with long-haired faux fur, reminiscent of a mother's fur coat! The deep gap allows your pet to sink into it, and the pet will have sufficient and peaceful sleep, thereby improving behavior and improving health


These Calming Donut pet beds are designed by our specialized team who knows canines better, the raised outer cushion offers the recommended comfort level to your dog. They feel surrounded by love and warmth, allowing them to experience the sense of truly restful sleep.

Non-slip Safety Bottom

 Easy to Clean 

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