Our Donut Bed is first an initiative to help animal shelters take care of pets in need.  

The company was founded by a couple passionate about animals and their wellbeing. As Our Donut Bed grew, we developed a complete cozy ecosystem to help as many people and pets as possible all around the world. We deeply believe in helping one another and our ultimate mission is to make the world a better place!


What we do

The heart of what we do is to make your world cozy while helping others. 

We love our pets so much and want the best for them. However, not all animals are as lucky! This is why we donate to animal shelters for each and every purchase you make. 

Each donation will provide funds for animal shelters to help them cover the cost of food, transport, etc. When these costs are covered, shelter can spend their time and money on taking good care of pets in serious need while they find their forever home.

If you have any questions or would like more information, consult our FAQ or contact us directly.  

By purchasing, you directly help pets in animal shelters.

Every purchase counts.

Every purchase made on Our Donut Bed helps pet shelters care for more pets. By treating your companion, you are helping pets in need.